World Health Organization

Managing Substance Abuse and Preventing Its Consequences
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  • USG:
    Selis YILDIZ
  • Topic:
    Managing Substance Abuse and Preventing Its Consequences

About Committee

World Health Organization (WHO) was founded in 1948 in San Francisco, as a solution of discussions of the diplomats who formed United Nations. It was established because of the need to develop international healthcare. WHO now has 194 members: all members of the United Nations except Liechtenstein, Cook Islands and Niue.


Participating as a leader and coordinator position in the international health area, cooperating with the occupational groups which works on the development of health and science, helping the governments in order to strengthen their healthcare systems, creating and maintaining epidemiologic and biostatical systems, encouraging and developing researches for epidemical and endemic diseases, cooperating with the other health organizations in order to develop nutrition, dwelling and environmental health circumstances, providing technical support to governments with the help of Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and World Bank and helping the creation of public awareness especially on personal and public healthcare are some of the main aims of World Health Organization.