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Increasing the Effectiveness of the Gun Control Law
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    Ata MAVİ
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    Hüsamettin DOĞAN
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    Increasing the Effectiveness of the Gun Control Law

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The US Senate, is one of the two houses of legislature, founded in 1789 under the Constitution of United States. Together with the House of Representatives, the Senate is responsible for all the law-making in the United States.
There are 20 committees in the Senate, each of them dealing with specialized legislation, or laws and statutes. To sum it up the senate is given the powers of the Senate possesses the power to review and debate bills, treaties, and proposed legislation and to provide some oversight to the president’s administration by the Founding Fathers and conceived as a check on the house of representatives.


Over the past two decades gun control has been brought up in the Senate many times, as recent as this year. Every year there's a shooting in the United States which draws the public attention, forcing the Senate to debate on Gun Control however as we can see from the situation the Gun Control laws are failing and not effective. There are even times when the Senate chooses to avoid the issue by voting against the debate on Gun Control. Careful planning and compromises from the government might have changed the situation but the government has decided to take different approaches to the problem and enacted different bills and laws. However, the increasing threat of terrorism globally and the recent unfortunate events indicate that a harsher gun control law may be required to prevent unfortunate future events.