United Nations Security Council

Question of the situation in Venezuela
Committee Info
  • USG:
    Atakan YURDAKUL
  • AUSG:
    Zeynep Tuna BAYRAKTAR
  • Topic:
    Question of the situation in Venezuela

About Committee

UNSC, one of the six main organs that established by the UN Charter, has the responsibility for guaranteeing the peace, securing the stability and intervening in any case of crises. Consisting of five permanent and ten non-permanent members, UNSC has authority to implement sanctions, issuing a ceasefire and if needed, sending peacekeeping troops.


Crises in Venezuela started with small-scaled protests in the year 2014 but turned into a large- scale anti-governmental movement. After three years of worsening, the country split into two, even though both sides suffering from the high unemployment rate, hyperinflation and basic human needs scarcity. Question of Venezuela, affecting millions of lives, is ready to be tabled in UNSC.