The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Committee Info
  • USG:
    Alp Arslan Öncel
  • AUSG:
    Kerem Karaçay - Batuhan Akyazı

About Committee

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, commonly referred to as the Government of Ukraine is the highest body of state executive power in Ukraine. The Cabinet issues resolutions and orders that are mandatory for execution. Also, it possesses the power of legislative initiative and may introduce its bills to the parliament (Verkhovna Rada). The Cabinet is responsible to the President of Ukraine and is under control and being held accountable to the Verkhovna Rada. Except for extraordinary situations, Prime Minister of Ukraine presides over the Cabinet.


February 2014,
Having former President Yanukovych turned down an economic deal with the European Union in November, pro-Western protests started in Kiev. Social disorder reached a peak point, and even casualties from both civilians and government officials began to increase. Suspicious eyes turned to the Kremlin because on the east of side the country pro- Russian groups started to arm. Day by day foreign actors are becoming more involved, and the situation is getting graver. Since the outcomes of the situation in Ukraine can have consequences for the entire region, this committee should facilitate a constructive debate to cease the aggression.
But while the state is struggling with various issues, will the president and cabinet find a way out?
The Ukrainian Cabinet is apt for both experienced and highly-experienced participants.