Private Military Companies and Their Roles on Conflict Zones
Cavalier Collective Co
  • USG:
    Deniz Yalgın
  • AUSG:
    Ömer Cem Sipahi - Ömer Faruk Yetimoğlu
  • Topic:
    Private Military Companies and Their Roles on Conflict Zones

About Committee

The Special Political and Decolonization Committee, known as SPECPOL, is the fourth committee of the general assembly which deals with various issues such as Decolonization to refugee problems, human rights, peacekeeping and Universal Peace. The nature of SPECPOL tends to be introductory because the issues in SPECPOL tend to be debated and resolved in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Within this context, SPECPOL serves as a tool for not UNSC member states to express their opinions on the main events of global politics.


As the Secretariat of Y-MUN 2016, we have chosen to resolve the issue of "Private military companies and their roles on conflict zones." Delegates will have the chance to debate whether military operations are to be conducted within the scope of national armies? To what extent such companies or firms should be allowed to operate? Can such companies be trusted or should military power and capacity remain solely with national army's and finally, in hopes of finding suitable solutions through lucrative debate.