Rights of LGBT People
Committee Info
  • USG:
    Nihan Üçer
  • AUSG:
    Uğur Özbek
  • Topic:
    Rights of LGBT People

About Committee

Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee referred to as SOCHUM stands for the third committee of the General Assembly. SOCHUM is allocated by the General Assembly in order to consider agenda items regarding social, humanitarian and cultural affairs that have impacts on the rights of many. Additionally, SOCHUM discusses upon the protection of the rights of children, racial discriminations, the right to self-determination, particular social development issues of youth, family, refugees, people who faced with disabilities and; therefore, addresses global drug control.


While considering the issues that mentioned above, SOCHUM works closely with other United Nations organs, bodies of non-UN, governmental and non-governmental organizations by the United Nations Charter. As it is a General Assembly committee, the recommendations ought to be providing solutions within a cooperation at the highest level.