Preventing Drug Trafficking in Americas
Committee Info
  • USG:
    Simay İldeniz
  • AUSG:
    Ege Sürek
  • Topic:
    Preventing Drug Trafficking in Americas

About Committee

The Organisation of American States (OAS) is the oldest regional organization in the world which dates back to 1889, the First International Conference of American States. The OAS came into existence in 1948 by the signing the Charter of the OAS that was entered into force in 1951. It was founded on the goals of promoting solidarity, strengthening the collaboration, defending the sovereignty, territorial integrity and the independence of its member states.


The OAS currently composes of 35 independent states of the Americas, forming the social governmental, juridical, and political structure in the Hemisphere. Also, it exercises four- pronged approach for the implementation of its fundamental aims which are constructed upon four basic pillars: human rights, security, democracy, and improvement.