Munich Conference (1938)

Open Agenda
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  • USG:
    Doğa ÇAKAR
  • AUSG:
    Eymen AKIN
  • Topic:
    Open Agenda

About Committee

Treaty of Versailles was designed for humiliate Germany more than secure stability and peace in Europe. When the National Socialists took the government in Germany, they were ready to thorn the Treaty apart. Entente Powers of World War One realized that they could not contain the new fierce Germany with an oppressive treaty like that.


German Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s demands regarding to “re-unify German speaking lands” and rising Soviet threat from the East, pushed Allies to have a meeting with Hitler and consider satisfying at least a portion of his demands. This committee is purely designed to test your diplomatic abilities to protect peace and stability in Europe while not compromising your own nations interest, as you know from history, the real participants of this event failed miserably. Will you?