International Criminal Court (ICC)

Prosecutor vs Simon Gbagbo
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    Dilara KAÇAR
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    Prosecutor vs Simon Gbagbo

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The International Criminal Court or ICC is an intergovernmental organization and tribunal that started functioning in 2002, at the same time the Rome Statute entered into force. The ICC has the jurisdiction to prosecute individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. However, certain specific conditions need to be met in order for it to exercise its jurisdiction.


In Y-MUN 2017, our participants will simulate the case against Simone Gbabgo, the leader of the Ivorian Popular Front, otherwise known as the FPI, a socialist political party. Simone Gbagbo is allegedly responsible as indirect co-perpetrator, for four counts of crimes against humanity, allegedly committed in the context of post-electoral violence in the territory of Côte d'Ivoire between 16 December 2010 and 12 April 2011.