Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe was established on 5 May 1949 to become the first international organization that had the sole purpose to work on European integration. The first time that the establishment of such an organization was suggested, was in 1943 and the one who called it was then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill. After theSecond World War, it was decided that an organization that would work to maintain peace and well-being of Europe should be established. Thus; from its 10 founding members, beingDenmark, France, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom, and the additional two, Turkey and Greece, the Council of Europe grew up to have forty-seven member states along the way. 

The official languages being English and French, the Council also works in Italian, Russian and German. With the current Secretary-General, Thorbjörn Jagland, leading the Committee of Ministers of The Council of Europe, which is the decision making the body with the foreign affairs ministers of each member state as members; the Committee continues to be the beacon of human rights, democracy, freedom, and unity. As it has also been stated the first time the Council was established, the Council of Europe awaits every state that seeks for the well-being of the others.

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The question of bioethics with an emphasis on conducting experiments on living beings and the impacts of these experiments on nature


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