Berlin Conference (1884-85)

Committee Info
  • USG:
    Doğa Çakar - Merve Noyan
  • Chamber 1:
    Chamber of Colonical Affairs
  • Chamber 2:
    Chamber of Commerce

About Committee

In the dawn of Age of Exploration, riches of the New World dazzled the ambitious eyes of classical European empires. Especially, the Africa was the paradise of colonizers. Rivers runs with gold and silver, earth filled with diamond. Every luxurious source which cannot be provided by the old continent of Europe were available in these lands inhabited by cultures which unfamiliar the fact that what a man can do to another man with steel and firearms. When the calendar came to second half of 19th century, new players have emerged in Europe as industrial giants and demanded an equal share of the spoils of Africa.


Otto Von Bismarck, the Chancellor of Second German Reich, invited the representatives of European nations in order to re-shape the map of Africa and prevent conflict among these nations for the sake of preserving the delicate balance of power in Europe. Now, the Honorable Representatives of Proud European Nations, use your sharp diplomatic skills to forge a colonial empire for the prosperity of your people, do your duty against your glorious nation. Berlin awaits you!