Cabinet of Charles de Gaulle 1958

The President of the Fifth Republic, commemorated soldier and war hero, no man has served France in the 20th as determined and unyielding as Charles De Gaulle. De Gaulle distinguished himself on the battlefield and in the trenches of World War I rising in ranks and becoming a General in the Second World War, even when France capitulated to Germany De Gaulle rejected surrender and inspired fellow patriots, sparking the flames for resistance.

The committee of Charles De Gaulle will take place in the later years of the respected soldier and politician as Charles De Gaulle is elected president of the Fifth Republic, returning to politics to lead France in these critical times. When he takes upon the mantle of presidency De Gaulle faced a number of challenges, ranging from the power struggle between the two superpowers to the economic problems in 1958 which De Gaulle promised to solve. De Gaulle’s presidency had a great impact on France’s and Europe’s future and the cabinet’s members will have the chance to rewrite the history of both of them.

“La France ne peut être la France sans la grandeur.”

“France cannot be France without greatness.”

-Charles De Gaulle

Agenda Items: OPEN AGENDA

Under Secretary-General: Ata MAVİ

Academic Assistant: Efe SARAÇ