Europian Court of Human Rights

The ECtHR is a court which was embodied to govern Europian Convention on Human Rights. This convention based on a treaty between 47 states that are members of the Council of Europe. This court commenced functioning after World War II, where human rights were drastically violated. As per the Court, the main goal is to prevent abuse and dehumanization.

In light of this, the ECtHR will be discussing a topic that is deemed as sensitive & ignored by majorities. Volkov v. Russia is about a transgender man who gave birth to a child and wants to be recorded as the father of his child. He also wants to get married to another man despite the fact that LGBT marriages are strictly forbidden in Russia.

We believe that this dispute needs to be discussed in a courtroom with fellow participants. This experience will open your mind to the minority issues & you’ll be able to discuss a Convention which is crucial for human rights all over the World.

Agenda Items: Aleksei Volkov v. Russia

Under Secretary-General: Zeynep Naz TOPALOĞLU

Academic Assistant: Aylin TUNÇ