African Union

Being the most dominant authority over the African Continent, African Union consists of 55 member states from the various regions of the African Continent. It was established in 2002 to fulfill the duties of the Organization of African Unity, disbanded just before the African Union’s establishment. African Union is an assembly where every citizen of the African countries shall address the communities and put their words forward which strengthens solidarity among the African nations and fully promotes the democratic atmosphere within the organization. Every member of the Union possesses an equal right to vote upon the substantive matters.

African Union mainly seeks to provide stability, democracy, and welfare; eradicate all forms of terrorism, bias, unrest, and corruption within the government structures. The organization sustains its missions, frequently, with the assistance the UN Security Council which expands the missions’ mandate and makes them more effective in the context of the legitimacy and applicability. Union’s approach to the issues is very comprehensive and with the consent of the respective member state, African Union may intervene in an internal or international conflict militarily or politically, most probably having the support of the United Nations Security Council. AU tackles diverse issues from the agriculture to conflict prevention and drafts numerous reports, declarations along with resolutions concerning the issues on the continental agenda.

Agenda Item: Developing ways to accelerate the achievement process of the Fourth Aspiration of the Agenda 2063: A Peaceful and Secure Africa

Under Secretary-General: Süha NURHAT