Economic and Social Council

Right to live, right to be free, right to pursuit self-actualization; these rights not only belong to individual human beings but also societies made of individuals. At the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of Y-MUN’19, we will be working together to ensure that the fundamental rights of indigenous peoples are not only protected but also advanced in a way that enhances their societies while promoting diversity and equal opportunities.

In the “International Year of Indigenous Languages”, as it is designated by the United Nations, we are inviting you to collaborate with us in our mission to protect and preserve every native culture on our beautiful planet. It’s in our hands to preserve the indigenous cultures, but only if we ensure the recognition of their rights to a national identity, as well as economic and social rights. We cannot deprive the next generations of such cultural diversity, and we must work altogether, all united, as the peoples of Earth, to make sure there is a safe space for everyone on board!

We hope to see you among us in our journey to make the world a better place for everyone regardless of which cultural background they are from. Get ready for the Economic and Social Council of Y-MUN’19 where we will go deep into not only today, but also the history of indigenous peoples, colonization, atrocities committed against them, de-colonization, their socio-economic situation today, and how it can be improved, and the philosophical grounds of territorial rights, right to self-determination, and more.

AGENDA ITEM: Advancing Indigenous Peoples’ Collective Rights to Lands, Territories, Resources

Under Secretary-General: Oğuz ÖĞRENCİ